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GitHub Pages

Jun 6, 2020

I decided to give GitHub Pages a try so that I do not have to bother with hosting these posts elsewhere. Take-off was quite smooth but not without a few hiccups.


First I hit the dreaded “my github page doesn’t show” problem. No idea what fixed it because according to GitHub it may take 10 minutes for the page to first come online and who has that much time to test every single attempt. It must have been a combination of

Curiously, after deleting later, the original index.html finally showed up just fine, even without any<!DOCTYPE html>in it :o


Of course, I wanted to run Jekyll locally next. So I

but native gem compilation during Jekyll installation kept failing. Maybe only an issue under WSL, or maybe generic - cannot tell. Once I figured the solution out, it was just a chore:

Eventually you win, dobundle exec jekyll serve --no-watch and tada!, you have a server on localhost:4000. (The flag is required due to WSL polling limitations and, of course, you also need to say OK when Windows asks whether the server can bind to the port.)

EDIT 2020/07/09: a recent Windows update borked my Win 10, so I had to redo everything in Linux. For future reference, here are the steps that worked: