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b01lers bootcamp CTF

Oct 8, 2020

We hosted bootcamp CTF last weekend, This time I went for easy difficulty and made a whole bunch of minichallenges (aka Crypto World). Things ran very smoothly, only a few minor lessons to learn from.

The new CTFx-based infrastructure looked gorgeous and worked fabulously (as far as I know, it was novafacing on b01lers who practically did it all single-handedly). Moreover, to my surprise, all challenges could be handled just fine by a single 8 core, 32 GB RAM machine that we happened to grab at the last moment :)

I always wanted to make a text adventure game, so that is what gave the format for Crypto World. Programming-wise, the game itself is a surprisingly dull and quite error-prone endeavor with all its walls of text and area-specific conditionals. The client code was something I have never done before, and it annoyed me to no end that visuals seemed to depend on which browser I was using - until I got some local tips from elnardu on how to equalize things for Chrome and Firefox. Besides the scores of minichallenges, I also put two hidden challenges into Crypto World, in the hope that inaccessible areas will stoke people’s curiosity (they sure would mine!).

In hindsight, a TODO list for my future self to read before the next event:

Overall, I am super pleased how well this CTF went.